Our Projects

TrinqleLabs Meeting Hub

Our latest release on Software as a Service fleet, we provide alternative to an Online Meeting application such as Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype, Jitsi, etc. with better user experience, security, and bandwidth connection. Our Hub connect directly to IIX (Indonesia Internet eXchange) providing blazing fast gateway for multi-national company. Our Hub also available in custom for companies who would like to use their corporate design.

Digital Starter Pack

We provide full assistance for freshly brewed companies/startups : Daily Operations Management System, Corporate Design, etc. So you can focus to develop your main product without any hesitation. Don’t worry, we watch your back! 😉

Notable Clients & Reviewers: 
Konserpedia | SC Store | Digiwedd | eCommerce for Mrs. Kartika Sari (Individual)

Digital Evolution Pack

In this fast moving ages, there is a sense of urges to digitalize your current business to reduce human-errors, automated processes, and make it more efficient. But at what cost? what are the disadvantages? Should we have an IT audit to check all of our infrastructure?! 

Don’t worry, we will save guide you and your business through all those processes.

Notable Clients & Reviewers : 
PT Bumi Cahaya Unggul | Yayasan Obor Indonesia | Pandu Logistics | RPX | MasKargo Indonesia | Multisarana Bahana Mandiri | Biasa Group

Tailor-made Application

We help you to develop application custom to your business needs whether its a Web-based application or Mobile application.

Selection of Applications :
Tax Monitoring System for Restaurants & Hotels | Digital Wallet for Online Loan Provider | Wifi Voucher System | Spare-part Movement Tracking System | Hospital Management System

Notable Clients & Reviewers : 
DB Schenker | NCR | Goethe Institut | BPD Bulukumba | BPKD DKI Jakarta | DigiAsia Kaspro | JOERNY Techlabs | Elitery | KlinikDK

SaaS (Software as a Service)

We provide whole digital infrastructure to support your business to expand. You can eliminate any needs for Data Centre in your company.  Connect your business to us!

Available SaaS to choose :
Online Meeting Hub | Private Cloud Storage | Developer Code Repository | Banking Simulation System | Airport Management System | Human Resource System | IT Operation System | Integrated Library System | CI/CD | RDBMS | Learning Management System | Sahana Eden System | Project Management